Delivering high-quality medical care to mothers and infants through design

In Marikina City, mothers are given the unique opportunity to receive supplemental care for their children from pregnancy through the first five years after birth. With this, there is a high influx of mothers and children receiving care through one of the city’s 19 healthcare centers (hospitals, clinics, labs). These healthcare centers are not entirely optimized and regularly deal with the following key issues:

Key issues

  • Awareness: access to information about services provided by different healthcare centers are not readily accessible or reachable by mothers and families that might benefit from services
  • Queue management: Saturated registration processes and wait times
  • Staffing: there are more patients than available healthcare providers, which means that an optimized process is vital in providing better healthcare
  • Quality of service and well-being of healthcare staff: employees at these centers are often overworked, have full agendas and are functioning under high-stress situations, which means they are not able to dedicate their full attention to patients

Key questions

  • In what ways can we optimize existing processes in Marikina City’s healthcare centers, while also facilitating a better overall experience for mothers and children in using these centers?
  • How do we improve the service delivery process so that women know how much time they’ll spend waiting?
  • How can we improve the service that mothers experience whenever they engage with healthcare professionals in barangay health centers

This challenge is best suited for

  • Healthcare entrepreneur
  • Service designer
  • Queue management expert
  • Other

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