Temporary places for temporary spaces

Paris, like many cities, has hectares of unused industrial and commercial land that are left untouched due to waiting times associated with planning permissions and real estate development. Given the infrastructural density of the city, unused land has the potential to become temporary places for residents and visitors.

The challenge is to find new ways to encourage and match supply and demand for the temporary occupation of these spaces between the owners and those bringing projects to the table.

Key issues

  • Unused space: there is a constant supply of land lots and unused spaces that exist in Paris due to construction that has yet to begin or has been temporarily stalled.

  • Temporary housing: housing demand in Paris outstrips the supply, even homeless shelters have to turn away individuals due to high occupancy.

  • Cultural preservation: the city is changing rapidly with new storefronts, business complexes and restaurants that alter the historical façade of the city.

Key questions

  • What kinds of ways could unused spaces be temporarily adapted to bring together diverse communities, improve the quality of life for residents and visitors and bring cultural awareness to the city’s rich history?

  • Often, unused lots tend to be adapted by the homeless. Are there possible solutions for creating safe temporary housing for the homeless in these unused spaces?

  • In what ways could we bring together the private and public sector to collaborate in the the utilization of unused spaces in Paris?

This challenge is best suited for

  • Agriculturalists
  • Geographers
  • Landscape designers
  • Service designers
  • Other

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