Barometer for refugee resources

There is a panoply of organizations in Paris geared towards helping refugees, but no easy way to access them. For volunteers, refugees and potential donors trying to see which organization is best suited for their needs, the search is daunting and difficult to gauge (in terms of the organization's ability to meet needs). 

Key issues

  • Choosing the right offer:  there are innumerous offers catered towards helping and assisting refugees, but it’s hard to know which offers are genuine or actionable whether you are a prospective volunteer, refugee or even investor/donor.

  • One-stop shop: there is no centralized location for all of the resources that exist for helping or assisting refugees, and no easy or logical way to sort through the offers.

  • Integration: Refugees are not just looking for assistance or help, they are also often looking for a way to be a part of the French community and to be fully integrated into society.

Key questions

  • How do we aggregate all data on available refugee resources across Île-de-France (to begin with) and then France as a whole?

  • How do we measure the quality of those resources to provide useful review or rating system of those resources?

  • How can this data then help our target groups (refugees, volunteers, investors/donors) make informed decisions?

This challenge is best suited for

  • Data scientists
  • Developers
  • Interaction designers
  • Service designers
  • Other

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