Empower women refugees

Empower women refugees of any nationality who have arrived in Paris, France - allowing them to better integrate, find work and volunteering opportunities or interact culturally through new ways to associate and exchange with other inhabitants and community members.

Key issues

  • Lack of access to job market: women refugees are often highly qualified, but have no real way of gaining access into the job market with linguistic and legal barriers to entry.

  • Breaking through cultural and family barriers:  due to at-home responsibilities, from caring for children to other typical family practices, they are excluded (or on the back foot) from integrating within their new community.

  • Empowering new generations: empowering women will also empower their family, socioeconomically (women breadwinners are more likely to invest money back into family well-being) but also culturally through their relationship with their children (especially daughters).

  • Lack of specific focus: there is no organization currently specifically addressing the population of women refugees. As an overall refugee population, men outnumber women 60-40, but this is changing rapidly.

Key questions

  • How do we help empower women refugees in finding employment and integration into their newly-adopted societies, and without uprooting their own culture?

  • How do we help women refugees mitigate the differences in social mores of their home and newly-adopted home? And how can their success in reconciling the two, help in raising their children who might deal with similar issues as they grow up?

  • How can we include these women in society, the activity of associations/charities, or even in policy?

  • What can be done to help empower or integrate women refugees in urban areas? (Another major issue untouched by current action plans is the major difference between integration in urban areas as compared to rural ones). 

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