Bringing volunteers and organizations together based on needs and skills

The City of Paris is looking to develop a platform to link the providers of social services with volunteers and beneficiaries. The new platform would be connected to the activities of the associations as well as social innovators, providing information on the means that people can contribute, can access these services and where to find them.

Key issues

  • Increasing numbers of benevolent associations: over the past several years, Paris has experienced rapid growth in the number of associations, social innovators and artists that support communities and individuals that are excluded from society.
  • Challenges with notifying those in need of where to find aid: how do those in need of care find out about available care and services? Are digital solutions the right response to populations without easy access to mobile devices and/or charge points?
  • Encouraging and facilitating volunteer work: inhabitants need help in determining where there is need and opportunity to volunteer in their communities. Information is currently disparate and there is no central location where interested persons can go (either digital or physical) to learn more and find out where giving time will make the biggest difference.
  • Good initiatives should not be limited to the borders of the community and neighborhood. Sharing best practices is one goal that would contribute to the multiplication of ideas.

Key questions

  • How is information currently gathered with regards to the many different associations within Paris and the Grand Paris region? Does data currently exist to aggregate this information onto one shared platform?
  • Is there already buy-in from the different associations and a declared need for this type of tool? If not, is this another need that should be addressed before launching the project?
  • What is the most clear and transparent way to provide information on the city’s social sector?
  • What can be done to go beyond simply informing people and encourage them engage in Paris’ associative life?

This challenge is best suited for

  • Service designers
  • Community managers
  • Data scientists
  • Other

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