Programming for training the general population on first aid techniques for different risks

Part of the Paris Resiliency Plan from the City of Paris includes finding ways to better inform inhabitants of potentials risks (e.g. natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.) as well as educate them on ways to safely address these risks.

As an example, Paris has already launched Paris qui Sauve, which trains inhabitants on first aid and health and environmental risks, allocates resources (e.g. defibrillators in public spaces) and outlines best practices in the event of extreme climate conditions. The objective of Paris qui Sauve is to have 90% of Parisians trained on first aid and best practices for security or environmental risks.

But given the diversity of the population (children, youth, adults, elderly, etc.), what are other ways of engaging with citizens, especially when it comes to creating programming (e.g. weekly training series, etc.)? 

Key issues

  • Building up a base of trained inhabitants: easy-to-access training programs (short and long-term) are few and not designed for the varying schedules of citizens, which means programs are not well-attended and the engagement is low. 
  • Lack of programming and participation: while there is a need for finding dynamic ways of engaging citizens in risk training, there is also a need for programming (i.e. a series of training initiatives) that is easily accessible.

Key questions

  • How do we encourage Paris’ citizens to get trained in lifesaving techniques? How do we increase awareness around certification courses, locations, commitment levels, etc.?
  • In what ways could we improve the awareness and adoption of these types of techniques at all levels of society, across social levels, age groups, etc.?
  • How can we use the building of these new skillsets and competencies to reinforce links between neighborhoods, social classes and age groups?

This challenge is best suited for

  • Service designers
  • Community managers
  • Teachers
  • First responders
  • Other

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